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Artist Roster


Azmari started their songwriting journey a few years ago. Six musicians mix their influences to create a blend of Pysch Funk, Afrobeat & Ethio Jazz. The live experience takes you on a trip, with deep and hypnotic music that brings the audience into a state of trance. After many concerts in Belgium, Germany and Istanbul and releasing two EP’s, the band is now ready to release a full abum in 2019.


RMFTM are a experimental group from Eindhoven, The Netherlands associated with the modern psychedelic rock scene. Since forming in 2010 the collective has had an ever-shifting line-up of people, but the group’s core members have included: Glenn Peeters, Tony Lathouwers, Titus Verkuijlen and Bram van Zuijlen. RMFTM’s music has constantly evolved and changed from Dissonant PsychRock and Post-Punk to Industrial/Drone Techno. Something they term as Acid Metal.
The group has done lots of touring through Europe and have performed at festivals such as Roadburn and the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia. Next to having 8 records released on Fuzz Club, the collective is also infamous for collaborating with other bands/artists such as Gnod, The Cosmic Dead and 10.000 Russos.


They rattle, they rumble, they roar and they roll. They are TUBELIGHT. A cracking 5-piece out of Belgium that released its second album EXPERT BY VIRTUE, THEREOF just a few weeks ago. A blazing record Turn Up The Volume had on his earphones every single day since it hit the streets. Imagine the early Velvet Underground with Mark E Smith – who’s singing instead of barking – producing some hellish hullabaloo jams. Fierce, sharp, nasty and hair-raising with frontman Long Tall Lee spitting and sneering like the demonic best. Pretty awesome! Best gang of the moment, on record and on stage.

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Pink Room do not shy away from the volume knob. They are part of the louder spectrum of upcoming bands in Ghent, Belgium and describe themselves as ‘noise punkers’. Their musical journey has rounded it’s first year anniversary and has already captured the attention of a lot of Belgian promoters. Their music is dirty and mixed with poppy accents and strange hooks.


Leopard Skull is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Harm Pauwels (Ghent, BE). With influences ranging from the late Beatles to early Brian Eno and Foxygen, Leopard Skull brings an eclectic psych sound that is both captivating and estranging. Go and see them live as Leopard Skull And The Hunters



YOUFF started out in 2015 as a duo. With their fair share of shows under their belt and the release of four albums, they have proven their ability to play all different sorts of venues and line-ups. From playing the biggest mainstream venues such as Ancienne Belgique, De Kreun and Absolutely Free Festival to the more underground scene such as the Recyclart and Magasin 4.
YOUFF just finished recording their fifth album. This time they collaborated with Michiel De Naegel on vocals and musician, painter Arjen Verswijvelt on guitar.




Faux Ferocious (USA)
The Gluts


The Dandelion is a studio project and live band led by Natalie de Silver who writes, records and produces the band’s original material.

The Dandelion originally began as a solo recording project for Daniel Poulter (1981-2014) who recorded Strange Case of The Dandelion.

A live band was formed in 2013 featuring Alison Hobbes on Organ, Stella Rennex on Bass and Josh White on Drums. This line up also features in 3 recorded songs (Malkaus, Ode to Love, Spring Dance) on The Dandelion’s 2nd LP titled Seeds Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion.

During the recording of "Seeds Flowers & Magical Powers of The Dandelion" 2014/2015, Daniel gracefully handed over all creative duties to Natalie de Silver who can be heard subtlety coming through the album's mix and main themes.

The third album "Old Habits & New Ways of The Dandelion" was released on April 1st and has been extremely well received, with a successful European tour in support of the new album.


Magic Shoppe have offered up their own concoction of shoegaze-y, dark and heavy psychedelia on four EPs and three full-length albums across an eight-year period. The members of the group are Josiah Webb (vocals/lead guitar), Stevie Moonboots (bass), Dave Mulvaney (drums), and Richie Gibson (rhythm guitar).

In the wake of 2018’s In Parallel full-length (released in the US by Little Cloud Records and in the EU/UK by Cardinal Fuzz) and a 26-day tour of the EU, as well as some US dates around Milwaukee Psych Fest in April 2019… the band are pleased to announce their upcoming full length (entitled Circles), which will be released in November 2019. Once again, this record will be released on beautifully colored 12-inch vinyl by Little Cloud Records in the US and Cardinal Fuzz in the EU (also available worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, etc..).

The band will be touring the EU in early 2020 in support of the new record.

Candy Flip (the first single off of Circles) is being released digitally via  Spotify, Apple Music, etc.. in September 2019.


Italian four-piece, The Gluts exemplify the spirit of the broad church of psychedelia. A musical collage of all things noise, punk, shoegaze, metal and any genre you’d care to mention in between, they’re one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the European underground this decade.

Having initially started as a three-piece prior to releasing their first single ‘Tears Of Ink’ back in 2013, they’ve gradually blossomed into the gargantuan force standing before us today. The band – brothers Nicolò and Marco Campana (vocals/synths and guitar respectively), Claudia Cesena (bass) and most recent recruit Dario Bassi (drums) – have since put out three albums, the most recent of which, Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip came out earlier this year.

The Gluts are currently signed to esteemed UK independent label Fuzz Club, whose Eindhoven based weekender twelve months ago was where we caught our first glimpse of them in action, and also where we find ourselves today a year later.


Formed in East Los Angeles in 2012, Levitation Room gained the endorsement of California psych label Lolipop Records when the band released their demo in 2013, followed by the release of their first EP, Minds of Our Own put out by hip indie rock label, Burger Records. By this time, Levitation Room were playing regularly in Los Angeles, touring the west coast, and were also the proprietors of Everydaze Music, a music store and vintage clothing boutique that also served as the group's rehearsal space and base of operations.
Using Everydaze as a catalyst to create a scene around them, Levitation Room organized various DIY shows to introduce their sound to the local LA scene. Soon their space became a popular destination for gigs, hosting live music events with other local bands and friends such as: Mystic Braves, Cherry Glazerr, Froth, Joel Jerome, The Memories, Mild High Club, The Blank Tapes and many more. Forming a music and art space of their own and opening their doors to other artists created a community much like their counter-culture predecessors.


It’s easy to forget that just a few decades ago, the only viable means for penetrating the golden glamour of Los Angeles was via the dusty trail of Route 66. And just as the arteries of the interstate latched onto the thumping heart of California, so too came the amplified sounds of a new restless generation. There was acid on the streets and revolution in the air, but there were also Hell’s Angels in the alleys and Manson’s family on the desert periphery. It was an age of innocence, beauty, and opportunity, with an underbelly of lawlessness and depravity. And it had a soundtrack.

It’s impossible to listen to L.A. Witch and not hear echoes of that time. The sound of dusty neon and the first dim-lit bars of Sunset ring out with every reverb-drenched note. The juxtaposition of Hollywood allure and Skid Row desperation throbs in every three-chord riff. And the perilous wager of temptation lies in every sultry vocal melody. Yes, L.A. is the land of sunshine, but it also harbors a certain kind of dangerous magic. And no one seems to understand that more clearly than the three women of L.A. Witch. Whether they’re conjuring the downtrodden cowpunk of The Gun Club, the seedy metropolitan balladry of Velvet Underground, or the beefed-up blues of Black Sabbath, L.A. Witch remind us of that exhilarating revelation that a city can elevate you just as quickly as it can grind you into the dirt.


Faux Ferocious is a Nashville based rock and roll group. Indebted to forebears to numerous to list, they make music that "can morph from swirling psych-punk nuggets to spitting, snarling Damned-esque ragers."

Faux Ferocious is Reid, Dylan Jonathan and Terry. Reid plays drums, Dylan plays bass,

Jonathan and Terry play guitar and sing. They love each other and they love you. Pretty Groovy marks the first studio album from Faux Ferocious and their first LP release with Burger Records After years of subsistence recording on every broken Tascam machine in Middle Tennessee, Faux Ferocious took their figure-it-out approach to freak out rock n’ roll and hit the road to work with audio whiz Drew Vandenberg at the famed Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA. They ate together, smelled each other and broke down the ego achieving an instinctive sound that allows expert musicianship and simple, evocative lyrics to work as one highlighting the duality of space and constraint.


Formed in 2016, Vintage Crop are the latest export from Australia’s punk & garage rock capital; Geelong. The town has spawned Ausmuteants, The Frowning Clouds & The Living Eyes before them, with each of those bands (and their offshoots) taking turns in moulding Vintage Crop’s sound. Vintage Crop in their short tenure have released music through Australia’s premier DIY label Anti-Fade Records & played alongside the likes of Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, Ausmuteants & NOTS.

Having released 2 albums in 2 years, Vintage Crop have dialled in their sound for their latest release; Company Man. Company Man is 4 tracks of brash, sarcastic punk - full of sharp guitars and unsteady riffs.
Released in Australia through Anti-Fade Records and the UK through Drunken Sailor, the 4-track EP is an ode to the suit & tie lifestyle.


From starting out with the noisy garage pop of his former band The Pharmacy to playing as a backing musician for Kimya Dawson, Scott Yoder has developed his own unique sound that could be compared to acts that he has performed with including Fleet Foxes, Ty Segall, Black Lips & Kevin Morby. As a solo musician he further evolved his sound into fronting an electrified & theatrical band of glammy freaks across the US & Europe. His first LP under his own name “Looking Back In Blue” was released to critical acclaim in March 2016.


Tuff Guac is Rafael Valles Hilario’s cowboy garage pop solo project. From lo-fi jangle noises to heavy country shredding; Tuff Guac has you covered! The debut album “Green & Handsome” is fully loaded with saucy sixties vibes and fuzzed-up pop tunes. The Beatles got thrown in the mud and woke up in the desert with a strong belly ache and a big brown bag full of googly eyes.

All the instruments on the album were played and recorded by Rafael at his small 8-track tape studio. The live band includes members of King Dick and Mogo and will make you move your joints ‘till you drop!



Four strapping young men who started a band in 2016 as a vehicle for their endless energy. After a long period of skating from AM to PM they opened their eyes and minds to a whole new world of crazy far out music. Next thing you know they smashed their piggy bank, invested in gear, wrote some tunes and hit the stage. After a while they traded in their fuzz for reverb pedals and what started out as raw garage punk soon turned into a more psychedelic/slacker surf oriented sound. Come get lifted with Budget Trash!


The Tubs bawl their love for good melody from the Ghent suburbs, helping oneself with songs about medication, swimming and the lesser known girl/boy-matter,but more important maybe the Sehnsucht oozing from their attempts to write the perfect popsong.