Artist Roster


Since his arrival in Paris, Nathan Roche has been a busy man to say the least. Within the last four years, Roche has split his time between fronting Le Villejuif Underground on some of the biggest European festivals, restless touring as part of the experimental duo CIA Débutante and dreaming of a world without swimming pools in his latest anticipation novel The Shallow Death of Enceladus.

To top it all, Roche has also became a model and muse for fashion house Celine. Catching the eye of creative director Hedi Slimane, the Villejuif Underground frontman was fast-tracked to collaborate on the brand’s latest campaign in 2019.



Azmari started their songwriting journey a few years ago. Six musicians mix their influences to create a blend of Pysch Funk, Afrobeat & Ethio Jazz. The live experience takes you on a trip, with deep and hypnotic music that brings the audience into a state of trance. After many concerts in Belgium, Germany and Istanbul and releasing two EP’s, the band is now ready to release a full abum in 2019.



They rattle, they rumble, they roar and they roll. They are TUBELIGHT. A cracking 5-piece out of Belgium that released its second album EXPERT BY VIRTUE, THEREOF just a few weeks ago. A blazing record Turn Up The Volume had on his earphones every single day since it hit the streets. Imagine the early Velvet Underground with Mark E Smith – who’s singing instead of barking – producing some hellish hullabaloo jams. Fierce, sharp, nasty and hair-raising with frontman Long Tall Lee spitting and sneering like the demonic best. Pretty awesome! Best gang of the moment, on record and on stage.


Pink Room do not shy away from the volume knob. They are part of the louder spectrum of upcoming bands in Ghent, Belgium and describe themselves as ‘noise punkers’. Their musical journey has rounded it’s first year anniversary and has already captured the attention of a lot of Belgian promoters. Their music is dirty and mixed with poppy accents and strange hooks.

pink room.jpg


YOUFF started out in 2015 as a duo. With their fair share of shows under their belt and the release of four albums, they have proven their ability to play all different sorts of venues and line-ups. From playing the biggest mainstream venues such as Ancienne Belgique, De Kreun and Absolutely Free Festival to the more underground scene such as the Recyclart and Magasin 4.
YOUFF just finished recording their fifth album. This time they collaborated with Michiel De Naegel on vocals and musician, painter Arjen Verswijvelt on guitar.


Tuff Guac is Rafael Valles Hilario’s cowboy garage pop solo project. From lo-fi jangle noises to heavy country shredding; Tuff Guac has you covered! The debut album “Green & Handsome” is fully loaded with saucy sixties vibes and fuzzed-up pop tunes. The Beatles got thrown in the mud and woke up in the desert with a strong belly ache and a big brown bag full of googly eyes.

All the instruments on the album were played and recorded by Rafael at his small 8-track tape studio. The live band includes members of King Dick and Mogo and will make you move your joints ‘till you drop!



Rotterdam’s new livewire post-punk act Tramhaus have quickly carved out their own space within the iconic Dutch port city, prowl righting at the nerve center of it’s suffering. On stage, Lukas Jansen, Nadya van Osnabrugge, Julia Vroegh, Micha Zaat and Jim Luijten create shell-shocking havoc together, with fragments of unfortunate incidents and bleak everyday realities striking everyone present in the room.

Tramhaus thrive on a knee-jerk energy and pure dementia to propel their songwriting, allowing their discontent to tailspin into madness: a maelstrom where words, electricity, pulse and feedback gyrate like a hurricane striking a scrapyard.


Slovenly Recordings presents the debut LP from Pódium de València. Conceived by Nick Trampolino, armed with a drum machine and a guitar, this project quickly evolved into a five-piece platoon. Pulsating with the epic aggression of hardcore, the impersonal and perverse tone of industrial metal, and fully balanced with the liveliness of the authentic surf scene, they are a curious mixture of Ministry (circa 1989), Man or Astro-man? and the goddamn Go-Go’s ablaze with the pyromaniacal tendencies of Steve Albini’s Shellac.



BATSMASHER is a Ghent based group formed in 2021 featuring Sis Sevens (Mind
Rays) on vocals, Pieter Desmyter (the Future Dead) on guitar, Pieter de Wilde
(Raketkanon) on drums, Christophe Adriaensens (Mind Rays) on bass and Joram De Bock (Teen Creeps) on guitar.

Musically they fuse the most vital elements of both old and new styles of hardcore
punk and crossover thrash. Lyrical themes include (the many pitfalls of) religion,
classism and a merciless rampage of revenge. A 6-track demo tape (recorded by Pieter Desmyter and Sis Sevens with guest vocals by Sam Declerq from Brorlab and bontridders) was released in 2021 on RONNY REX Records and new material will be following shortly. In a live setting the band stands for boundless energy, auditory assault and pure mayhem.


BARNO KOEVOET & the Duijmschpijkers

The 'Koevoet' is Arno Vanhoutte and his 'Duijmschpijkers' are Tibo Nassel, Luca Missiaen, Arthur Langbeen, & Mathias Grymonprez. Just as their sound these 5 musicians are bursting with energy. They refused to be put in a box but this might be the best indication of what they sound like, Arno calls this project 'his musical punching bag'.