​FR001 Marf Loth - Don't Break Camel's Back Mountain

Nathan Roche has been leading an extremely busy artistic career across several different media. While living in Australia, the Townsville-born poet and musician played with the likes of Marf Loth, Camperdown & Out, Home Run and The Revisionists, and has already racked up an astounding twelve albums. Roche’s albums, like his musical career, are wildly diverse and often imbued with an exciting sense of spontaneity.
His music draws influences from a wide array of other artists, particularly Lou Reed in his latest work. Now, Roche is living in Villejuif, a southern suburb of Paris, and heading up a band of local musicians called The Villejuif Underground. Feles Records focusses on a collection of songs from one of his early projects, Marf Loth, released under the title “Don’t Break Camel’s Back Mountain!”

​FR002 Accordion Planet 15 - La Nuit

Adventurous noir pop in which you dan hear everything : an almost apathetic (albeit oppressive) voice that seems to come out of a grave, tribal drums, all kinds of guitar sounds, friendly synths that sound as captivating as they are lugubrious, funky guitars, ingenious dark psychedelic pop and even something that resembles a helicopter sound.


​FR003 The Dandelion - Pleiadian Love Vibration/A Sweet Death Song

The Dandelion is gaining notoriety left and right. The studio project and live band is led by Natalie de Silver who writes, records and produces the band’s original material. After the release of very well received 2 LP's, Natalie began working on a third album titled 'Old Habits & New Ways of The Dandelion'. This record is currently in the making but will be released in the coming months. This 7 inch features 2 new outstanding recordings of The Dandelion faves Pleiadian Love Vibration & A Sweet Death Song.

​FR004 La Jungle - Past // Middle Age // Future

La Jungle, duo with six strings and four barrels in deep trance. Large primitive pulsions and sweaty dancing around a huge fire in the middle of the jungle. Two wild savages mix their debacles with few violent ostinatos. Throbbing shamans voices and overlap guitar riffs are supported by a wild and oozing drum.

Remixes by Osica, DC Salas, Dj Pierre (Fuse) and Ensemble Economique. Mastered by Steve Dujacquier at home in 2019.



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